Self-identified ICCAs / grassroots discussion

Find here examples of written and video self-documentation by ICCA custodian communities from all over the world.

Pilot grassroots discussions on ICCAs

In the years prior to 2008, Members and partners of the ICCA Consortium have facilitated a series of pilot grassroots discussions on ICCAs to help communities clarify the values, benefits and desired forms of recognition for their own ICCAs. This initiative, which covered about 20 countries, was promoted by CEESP TGER & TILCEPA and supported by GIZ (then named GTZ). On this page you will find the reports from the communities and sites that were involved in the initiative. You will also find here CEESP Briefing Note no. 9 on Recognizing and Supporting Indigenous and Community Conservation— one of the first documents that attempted a global synthesis from self analyses of communities in all continents

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