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The ICCA Consortium holds its 19th General Assembly online, the first with staggered approach

More than 200 people, including representatives of more than 100 Member organizations, participated in the ICCA Consortium’s 19th General Assembly, which was held over four sessions in as many months. The Assembly learned about key aspects of the work carried out in 2022 and took several important decisions for the future of the association. Members and Honorary members also participated in a series of optional membership engagement events on diverse topics

First published on 08/01/2023, and last updated on 11/20/2023

With a special staggered approach this year, the ICCA Consortium held its 19th General Assembly online for the fourth year in a row. During four sessions (29 March, 26 April, 31 May and 28 June), 240 unique participants from 70 countries, including from 103 Member organisations, joined the annual Assembly. Members and Honorary members enjoyed simultaneous interpretation in English, Spanish, French and (for the first time) Italian, Portuguese and Russian, thanks to the skilled support of several volunteers and part-time collaborators. The membership had the opportunity to review Council nominations and draft reports and participate in discussions and building consensus not only during the live online sessions but also asynchronously ahead of the live sessions using a tool called Loomio. Providing different options for participation is particularly important for our global membership, with people spread across many time zones and using multiple languages.  

The General Assembly is the highest governance body of the association. It is a key opportunity to renew and further strengthen the composition of the Council, which is the second-highest governance body after the General Assembly. Through the Consortium’s ongoing regionalisation process (including regional assemblies, several Council members were nominated and elected for their first, second or third terms with the consensus support of the membership.  

This year, eight new members of the Council were elected by consensus for their first terms: Carlos Licón (joint thematic representative for documenting territories of life), Ei Ei Min (thematic representative for gender equality), Esther Wah (thematic representative for youth and intergenerational relations), José Martial Betoulet (regional representative for Central Africa), M’sou Soufiane (regional representative for North Africa), Eunice Chepkemoi (regional representative for East Africa), Javier Ancapan (regional representative for the Andes and Southern Cone), and Luis Guillermo Izquierdo (regional representative for Latin America, a new position approved in June 2023). Four Council members were elected by consensus for their second terms: June Rubis (joint thematic representative for documenting territories of life), Aibek Samakov (regional representative for West & Central Asia & the Caucasus), Marco Bassi (regional representative for Europe), and Paul Sein Twa (regional representative for Southeast Asia). Finally, two Council members were elected by consensus for their third and final terms: Vololoniaina Rasoarimanana (regional representative for Madagascar and the Indian Ocean islands) and Felipe Gómez (regional representative for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean).  Newly elected and re-elected Council members’ bios will be added and/or updated soon. 

In addition to Council elections, other key discussions and decisions of the 19th General Assembly included: 

  • Approving the manifesto for territories of life, a ‘living document’ that seeks to articulate the core meaning and reason for being of our association;  
  • Confirming José María Gualinga as a new member of the Council of Elders
  • Noting the 2022 reports of the Council, Membership Committee, Secretariat, Treasurer and Auditor of Accounts, and approving the 2023 Action Plan and budget;  
  • Appointing Marc Foggin as the Auditor of Accounts and Ombudsperson for the coming year; and 
  • Interactive sessions on the manifesto, on the organisation-wide process of reflection, revisioning and planning for the future, and on the ongoing regionalisation process. 

It is with great pride and gratitude that we share the beautiful opening ceremonies kindly performed by some of our Members and Honorary members:  

  • Eagle song – Cherokee Nation – Jeff Corntassel (Session 1, 29 March) 
  • Bent – VAN GUJJAR TRIBAL YUVA SANGATHAN (Session 2, 26 April) 
  • Oli Hoʻohihi – Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo (K’UA) – Kinohi Fukutmisu (Session 3, 31 May) 
  • Festival d’Azilal – Moroccan Biodiversity & Livelihoods Association (MBLA) (Session 4, 28 June) 

Video recap of the ICCA Consortium’s 19th General Assembly

A highlight reel of the ICCA Consortium’s 19th General Assembly from 2023. Credit: Ines Hirata/ICCA Consortium. 

In addition to the formal sessions of the 19th General Assembly, the Secretariat also organized several optional membership engagement events in conjunction with the GA, focusing on the following topics:

  • Key outcomes from CBD COP15 and collective planning for our future policy and advocacy work (30 March) – see the recap
  • Developing the manifesto for territories of life (27 April, 6 June and 27 June); 
  • Key insights and findings so far from the organizational process of reflection, revisioning and planning for the future (8 June and 27 June); and 
  • A social-cultural solidarity exchange (29 June) – see the recap

These optional events provided space for informal discussion and exchange without having to adhere to the formal procedures of General Assemblies. 

Many thanks to the ICCA Consortium’s Council, Members and Honorary members, Secretariat, and linguistic support volunteers and collaborators for being part of the 19th General Assembly. We will continue to learn from experience with online Assemblies and improve accessibility and opportunities for engagement in the association’s highest decision-making body. The formal minutes of the 19th General Assembly will be available here soon.